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Teresa Sisk
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100 West Harrison
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Seattle, WA 98119


Description of Practice

This Mediator is Certified
As a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst (CDFA), and mediator, I have training and experience in the financial and emotional issues relating to divorce. I can help reduce the conflict, anxiety and cost often experienced by couples separating or divorcing.

Professional Background

I have over twenty five years of experience as a financial professional, managing assets and analyzing real estate investment portfolios. In 2007, I began working exclusively with couples going through separation or divorce, needing financial education and analysis around their financial issues and concerns.


I am a Certified Mediator with the Washington Mediation Association and the Association of Conflict Resolution.

I have served as a financial specialist and facilitator in Collaborative Divorce and mediation cases. I have limited my practice to working with couples seeking resolution through a Collaborative Law or mediation process.


Gonzaga University BBA


Dates    Trainer(s)    Title   
Jan 2007    Univ of Washington School of Law    Interes-based mediation techniques - 36 Hours
Jan 2007    Holly Holbein, Rachel Felbeck    Into to Collab Law King Count - 32 Hours
3/19/07    Chip Rose    Sibling Non-Rivalry - 5 Hours
3/12/08    Kenneth Cloke    Mediating Evil, War & Injustice - 5 Hours
3/13/08    Kenneth Cloke    Mediating Truth and Power - 2 Hours
6/17/08    Bill Eddy    High Conflict Personalities - 6 Hours
8/1/2008    Anne Lucas, Holly Hohlbein, Julie Adams    The Art of Differentiation - 11 Hours
11/13/08    Pauline Tesler    Advanced skills for client centered process - 6 Hours
2/3/09    Joan Goldsmith    Divorce and Family Mediation - 6 Hours
3/25/09    Seattle Family Law Practice Group    Subtle cues of clients which guide us - 4 Hours
4/7/09    Kenneth Cloke    Workplace conflict mediation techniques - 6 Hours
5/8/09    Mark Weiss; Rachel Felbeck    Advanced training on skills for facilitating durable agreements - 8 Hours
1/28/10    Dan Siegel    Interpersonal neurobiology. Monitoring our mind to become more aware of how we function when interacting with people - 7 Hours
1/27-28/2011    Karen Bonnell & Anne Lucas    Collaborative Coaching - 10 Hours
4/8/2011    Anne Lucas, J Mark Weiss    Managing Negotiations and Working with Clients - 7 Hours
9/21/2011    Nick Ney Phd    Advancing Forgiveness in the Mediation Process - 6 Hours
2/8/12    Ken Cloke    Using Conflict Resolution to Transform Organization & Workplaces-6
5/3/2012    Neil Denny    How to lead without taking over - 6
9/7/12    Richard Cohen    Narrative Mediation - 8
5/4/12    Online    Domestic Violence Theories and the Effects-2
11/8/12    Nina Meierding    Sources of Resistance/Moving Beyond Impasse - 6.5
4/4/2013    John Winslade    Practicing Narrative Mediation - 6
5/3/2013    Cat Zavis    Giving clients feedback without putting them on the defensive - 4
3/23/12    Melinda Branscomb    Interests based negotiations - 1.5
5/3/2012    King County Collaborative Workshop    How to lead without taking over - 6
10/29/2013    Jacinta Gallant IACP    Keeping interests at the table - 3
10/19/2013    IACP    Impasse-A time to dig deeper - 1.5
10/20/2013    IACP    Using the brain to identify & manage challenging clients - 1.5
5/19/14    Rita Pollak    Let's Create a Strong Vibrant Skillful Team - 6
6/11/15    Anne Ganley    Duties of the Collaborative Law professional relating to Domestic Violence - 5.5
10/1/14    Sherri Slovin    The Collaborative Process and the challenges of expectations, trust and fairness - 4
7/25-7/26/2014    The Gottman Institute    Dan Sigel / Gottman Summit on relationships - 12


As a neutral financial analyst and mediator, I work with both parties to help identify and support their settlement goals. This requires a commitment by the couple to work towards resolution together, remaining open and flexible, disclosing all pertinent information and using constructive and respectful communication methods.


I bill on an hourly basis.

Other Information

Areas of Practice

  • Divorce (all issues)
  • Divorce (parenting)
  • Family

Professional Services

  • Mediator
  • Mediation Consultant
  • Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
  • Collaborative Professional
  • Facilitator


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This dispute resolution professional keeps professional liability insurance.